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International Projects

International projects, under the best of circumstances, are risky business. Delta’s international team helps companies reduce their risk, avoid reactive responses, and develop practical solutions. Working with clients in their own countries and often in their own languages, our professionals have successfully completed assignments throughout the globe. Recent projects include Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Panama, China, Singapore, Germany, England, and Australia. Not only are many of our professionals fluent in several key international languages, they also have a personal understanding of the cultures.

Along with international success stories comes the inherent risk of defects, delays, disputes, and claims. Delta’s professionals have years of experience providing international companies with a broad range of consulting services including scheduling, forensic accounting, project management, litigation support, and other construction services.

The successful resolution of a problem is measured by the speedy and accurate delivery of a quality, as well as factual, analysis, and opinion. Delta’s goal is to help our clients achieve timely and cost-effective solutions to their business challenges by working collaboratively with them to develop optimal plans and solutions.

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