Stephen R. Dellers, PE

Senior Director

Stephen Dellers

Stephen R. Dellers, PE is a founding member and the past president of HDH Construction Consultants, Inc. (“HDH”) an engineering and construction consulting firm that specialized in the preparation, analysis and presentation of construction related claims. With over 33 years of construction industry experience, he has prepared and presented claims on behalf of contractors and subcontractors and evaluated and refuted claims on behalf of owners, engineers and equipment suppliers.

Mr. Dellers has been involved in all aspects of claims avoidance and resolution including delay analysis, labor productivity analysis, the quantification of damages, the presentation of findings, and preparation of reports, expert testimony and litigation support. He has successfully completed projects domestically and in Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan, Columbia, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Projects have ranged from $300,000 to in excess of $2.0 billion and include commercial construction, water and wastewater infrastructure.


Prior to providing consulting services focused exclusively on the avoidance and resolution of construction related disputes, Mr. Dellers worked for an environmental and civil engineering firm designing and providing construction oversight and Owner’s representative services on a variety of water and wastewater treatment facility projects.

Selected Project Experience
  • Engaged by replacement contractor on combined cycle power plant to help minimize contractor’s risk of becoming involved in an ongoing dispute between the owner, the terminated contractor and its sureties. USA

  • Engaged by a mechanical contractor to evaluate entitlement and pricing of $4 million in discrete claims submitted by piping subcontractor on a biomass ethanol facility resulting in a favorable settlement. USA

  • Retained by a HRSG OEM, on a repeat basis, to defend against claims for LDs by showing clients entitlement to time extensions, or the lack of criticality of deliveries. Domestic and international locations.

  • Retained by owner to evaluate in excess of $50 million in claims in the construction of a Pulp Mill. Worked with counsel from discovery, through hearings; provided expert testimony in ICC arbitration. Indonesia

  • Retained by the United States DOJ to render expert opinions regarding delay claims asserted by a terminated contractor for the construction of a medical clinic in Herat Afghanistan. Afghanistan Retained by the owner of a 550 MW power plant to analyze claims from a terminated EPC contractor. Evaluated the grounds for default, rebutted the contractor’s damages in an expert’s report. USA

  • Prepared a $1.5 million REA on behalf of an electrical contractor for its work on a university building. Prepared expert’s report, testified in deposition before matter was resolved in mediation. USA Engaged by public owner to analyze $7 million in claimed damages sought by contractor for the construction of two replacement sewer interceptors. Prepared expert’s report. USA

  • Provided ongoing project and schedule related support to the owner of a $1.1 billion, 1.6 million square foot new clinical building hospital project. USA

  • Prepared and presented at mediation an analysis rebutting contractor’s $14 million claim in US Court of Federal Claims against USAID by the general contractor on a university complex. Pakistan

  • Retained by OEM to defend claims from on a 750 MW combined cycle power plant. Demonstrated delays were the contractor’s responsibility. Following settlement with the OEM, retained by contractor to demonstrate contractor’s responsibility for delays, in support of a delayed completion insurance claim. USA

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, B.S.M.E. 1983

Licenses / Certifications
Professional Engineer, Commonwealth of Virginia #17530 (Inactive)



  • City: Washington DC Metropolitan Area


  • Telephone: 703.580.8801
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