A comprehensive assessment of an accounting irregularity, a damages claim and a troubled project starts with a detailed forensic analysis to identify the facts, evaluate the relevant issues and quantify the damages related to the allegation or situation. Delta Consulting Group’s forensic accounting, auditing and investigative professionals provide a detailed evaluation of the problem or opportunity, determine the risks and potential claims, and work with clients and their legal counsel to find solutions that will mitigate losses and protect a company’s assets and reputation.

Delta’s extensive and varied dispute analysis and forensic accounting experience is recognized globally by lawyers, owners, developers, contractors, lenders, sureties and investors. Our forensic accounting professionals combine their accounting and analytical skills with other key evidence they uncover to reconstruct the accounting and business records and then, provide evidence regarding the facts of the case. Clients rely on Delta’s meticulous and thorough forensic analysis to help them make intelligent decisions in the boardroom and the courtroom.


  • Troubled Project Financial Analysis/Exposure Assessments
  • Identification/Evaluation of the Merits of a Potential Claim
  • Identification of Document Sources
  • Development of Comprehensive Production Requests
  • Documentation Review & Determination of Relevance & Reliability
  • Asset Tracking of Indemnators
  • Assistance with Preparation of, and Responses to, Interrogatories
  • Assistance with Preparation for & Taking of Opposing Parties Depositions
  • Preparation of Expert Reports
  • Evaluation of Opposing Parties Expert Reports
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Delta’s forensic accountants possess the skills and experience to gather, analyze, interpret, reconstruct, verify and quantify accounting and business transactions. Our clients use this critical information to determine “next steps,” to mitigate their losses and to plan their legal and business strategies.